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The Sydney City Central Business District (CBD) is the commercial, financial, political and cultural hub of Sydney. The pulse of the city can be felt as you walk through the streets past skyscrapers that house the headquarters of international companies, past historic buildings which house relics and monuments from the first settlements of the region, and through parks with a diverse mix of cultural performances. The city is alive, it breathes, it reaches out and inspires. How did this unique city come to acquire such a personality?

The history of Sydney cannot be compared to any other in the world. Originally a penal settlement meant to house the dregs deported from England, it evolved into a thriving metropolis. The original inhabitants of the land, the Aboriginals of the Cadigal land, were forced from the land in a gross disrespect for human rights. When it was first discovered by the first fleet, the explorers could see the potential of this unique region land. They described the harbour as the best in the world, a protected inlet that could house thousands of ships safe from the elements. But not even the most inspired and imaginative first fleets-man could have imagined the tall spires of the modern skyscrapers piercing through the horizon of the Sydney CBD as he looked across the South of the harbour towards the shore.

It was from this underdog beginning that the Sydney CBD developed. It was this beginning that pushed it to catch up to the thriving metropolises of the time, and it had a lot of catching up to do. Times were tough originally; crime was rampant, and the authorities could hardly handle the new settlers in the area. However, the potential of the land inspired the settlers to push on through adversity and plough through the challenges.

Construction in the Sydney CBD expanded as the population increased, the communities spread out from the hub of the city in all directions. Once the Sydney harbour bridge was completed the city was already a thriving community, with open access across the harbour, which in turn made the Sydney City CBD more important and centralised.

One of the defining decisions in the development of the Sydney City CBD as we know it was the construction of the Sydney Opera House. This bold and confronting decision was intended to help the world give it a recognisable face. It was that beauty spot on the supermodel's face. It gave the city a personality, an individual shimmer on the world stage. Originally despised and massively over budget, it took some time for the city to warm to it. But they gradually embraced it as it proudly proclaimed to the world We have arrived; welcome aboard.

Always inspired as the underdog, it allowed the city to show that it was a player on the world stage. It was here to stay, and it was going to beat to its own drum. That drum never sounded so loud as in the year 2000. Hosting the greatest Olympics ever is no small feat. It was a bold endeavour, it took a city with a unique personality to achieve it. This was the time for this city to shine, and it lit up the world for two weeks. The personality of this city shimmered on.

So, after such a comparatively short history, how does a day in Sydney compare to the mighty European cities such as Rome, Paris, and London?

The city thrives on the appreciation of the coffee bean. As dawn breaks on the streets of the Sydney City CBD, you will be surrounded by diligent workers going to their favourite cafes to indulge in their morning beverage. The preferred drink of the nation is flat white, but it is a developing field, and the consumers are adventurous. The day continues to warm up as the crowd of offices arrive in the city after their commute from the outer suburbs. They flock into the city like a diligent migrating pack; each is trained to make it a successful migration. They duck and weave through the turnstiles in the train station; they dive out of the bus at their approaching stop, all while carrying their flat white briefcase.

It is about this time also the window cleaners in Sydney arrive in the Sydney City CBD. Weaving through the traffic, they arrive on time at commercial offices with equipment at hand. Window cleaning in the Sydney CBD is becoming more of an art than a science. It demands a quick thinking and adaptable team. A team that can adjust to the fluctuating variables that this unique city can throw up. Hailstorms, summer winds, and traffic jams can all catch an inexperienced window cleaner unprepared. But the professional Sydney window cleaners at Clean My Windows have seen it all before in the Sydney City CBD. Window cleaning in the Sydney City CBD also requires a specific mix of solutions to clean the grime and pollutants from the windows. Clean My Windows has this solution perfected to provide you with shining windows on your commercial, residential or strata building.