What are the Top 10 Window Cleaning Myths?

  1. It is cheaper to do it myself. Buying cleaning products and cleaning solution can be very expensive when you calculate all of the necessary items. Additionally, the time gathering the items and the time needed for cleaning the windows needs to be calculated. Do not be misled, cleaning windows professionally is not as easy as it looks. Therefore what can be a simple job for a window cleaner may take you a substantially greater amount of time.

  2. Window cleaners will damage my windows. If you try and clean the windows yourself then you are at greater risk of damaging your windows. If your windows are not cleaned for a period of time, then there will be a build up of chemicals and solvents that will gradually cause degradation, and damage your windows. Therefore getting your windows professionally cleaned will reduce maintenance costs in the long run.

  3. No one notices when windows are dirty. People do notice, and particularly on entrance doors, where grimy fingerprints can influence a person's first impression of your company. Remember, people tend to judge very frivolously.

  4. Some windows can not be cleaned. Man can fly to the moon. All windows can be cleaned. There is a plethora of job specific appliances and devices, that can clean windows no matter how difficult the access may be.

  5. Any window cleaner can clean a window. Some window cleaners can only clean a certain range of windows, this is due to the professionalism of the trade. We have the ideal window cleaner for your unique situation, whether you are in a high-rise office, or a small residential home, our company has window cleaners for all situations.

  6. Cleaning windows can damage the environment. Unfortunately, some window cleaners will overuse petrochemical-based detergents. At Clean My Windows we eliminate this risk by using the smallest possible amount of our environmentally friendly cleaning solution.

  7. Windows cleaners leave a mess when they are finished. It is part of the Clean My Window company policy that we leave the site exactly as we found it. We have a final inspection before we leave the site to ensure that everything is as you want it.

  8. Using Windex and a cloth can clean windows. Using a cleaning solution like Windex is not effective as it merely smears the dirt and grime over the window. This method of cleaning is not successful as it does not remove the dirt from the surface of the window. It is also an expensive and environmentally damaging method of cleaning windows.

  9. Using vinegar and newspaper can clean windows. Vinegar is unable to eliminate the greasy and waxy buildup that finely coats windows. Detergent is able to molecularly bind with these greasy particles, the drying process then removes this combined mixture from the window. Using paper to clean windows merely smears the grime over the window.

  10. Spot cleaning windows with a cloth is an effective way of cleaning windows. When you rub a cloth on a window it causes a static buildup, which will, in turn, causes dust and dirt to be attracted to the surface of the window. Regular window cleaning with water and detergent is the most effective way of keeping windows clean.

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