How do I choose a Window Cleaner in Sydney?

Sydney window cleaners are almost innumerable. A Google search for "window cleaners Sydney" will get you about 70,000 results.  So when choosing the best window cleaner for your property consider: 

Locality:  Local window cleaners are more likely to get to your property quickly for quotes and emergency requests.  A local window cleaner will not travel as far so it also better for the environment as it cuts down on car emissions. If you had a good window cleaner in your old area it is a good idea to ask him if he has any recommendations.

The level of experience: A window cleaner with a variety of experience in commercial, strata, domestic and industrial settings is more likely to have a higher standard, offer competitive quotes, have a  professional manner (turn up when they say they will) and have the skills needed to be thorough.

Cost: Some may feel that window cleaning is relatively easy to do- but window cleaning can take months and even years to perfect. Cheap prices may mean poorer quality result.

Reputation:  A good reputation is important but sometimes it can be hard to gauge.  Ask yourself: What is the feeling I get when I visit a window cleaners website or when you speak to him or her on the phone? If a window cleaner is upfront, honest, reliable, and attentive to details (return your calls within an appropriate time period), then he or she will treat you and your property with respect.

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