How do I clean my own windows like a professional?

Cleaning your own windows is absolutely achievable; below are some tips to help you out.

What equipment do I need?

The basic tools you need to clean your windows well are: 

  • bucket

  • rags 

  • ladder

  • dishwashing detergent: Often, commercially bought window cleaning fluid is a needless expense and not as good

  • squeegee: a good quality squeegee is essential

  • window cleaners mop head

  • window cleaners pole: depending on how high your windows are

Buying equipment from a window cleaning company is best, as inferior products will give you a finish to match.

Guess that stain?

There are multiple stains that may be clouding your view like: 

  • paint

  • varnish

  • encrusted insects and their droppings 

  • traffic pollution

  • renovation grime and dust

  • cooking grime

  • fingerprints

  • marks made by children

  • pollen

  • dust

  • salt spray

  • pet marks

While many stains can be cleaned with a simple household detergent, your window cleaner may also use a specifically designed scraper or a scourer. Be sure to clean de-staining tools thoroughly so they are ready to use next time - so you don't accidentally add some cooking fat from the last time you washed your windows to the insect stain.

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