Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our FAQ page! Here, you'll find answers to frequently asked questions about our window cleaning services and general information about window cleaning in Sydney. Browse the topics below to learn more about our processes, pricing, and how we can help spark your windows. If you need further assistance, don't hesitate to contact us.

Who is Clean My Windows?

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How do Clean My Windows wash windows?

How do I clean my own windows like a professional?

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Cleaning an arch, square or round window?

It can be very difficult for the average householder to safely and thoroughly clean challenging shapes and styles of windows. Oval, sloping, half-moon, short and wide, and long and narrow windows can prove a little tricky to squeegee.

We often get asked to clean LED lights, bays, skylights, casement windows, French colonial, security-type windows, and perhaps the most difficult for homeowners—louvres.

It is really important to treat windows with special finishes, like tinted windows, with care. 

Windows in apartments, two-storey homes and factories call for slightly different cleaning techniques and equipment. 

What effect does the weather have on cleaning my windows?

Will it be a waste of time if my windows are cleaned on a rainy day?

Dirty windows look worse after a rainy day as the water sticks to the existing dirt.  Rain will run straight off clean windows. So don't hold back from getting your windows cleaned if there is a bit of rain about.

What parts of a window need to be cleaned?

Cleaning the window pane is the obvious part of window cleaning, but there are other bits that are important like fly screens and window tracks (bottom part of a window frame that a sliding window moves along).   We make sure that the ornaments on your window sills and even the cutlery on your cafe tables will remain in the pristine state.

Will my window tint be affected?

Will my double-glazed windows be affected?

What are the Top 10 Window Cleaning Myths?

What are the Top 10 Window Cleaning Tips?